150th Celebration

by ALEJANDRO REYES VEGA, CSU Communications Student Staff

The University is celebrating 150 years! It is not every day that an institution reaches such a milestone. The University has already had over 150 events in the past year but this is the grand finale week.

So make sure you attend the last few events because they are open to every member of the MSU community. The upcoming events are:

Thursday, October 4

Maverick Icons: Leaders with Big Ideas

This is a ticketed event and will happen in the Verizon Center

Saturday, October 6

The Birthday Bash

This event from 7-11 p.m. in the Centennial Student Union is open to all and offers a wide range of activities. Highlighting the night will be outdoor laser show. The full list of activities follows:

Sunday, October 7

Happy Birthday to the University! The date marks the 150th anniversary of the official opening of Mankato Normal School which we know today as Minnesota State University, Mankato.

For the full schedule click here.

When the Family Comes: 5 Tips to Prep for Family Weekend

by BRETT MARSHALL, CSU Communications Student Staff

Family Weekend is upon us! For some of you that means seeing your mom or dad and siblings for the first time since you moved in a little more than a month ago. For others, it just means your parents are the ones making the drive this time around. But now that they’re coming to see you, you need to get ready? I’ve compiled five helpful tips that will impress your family:

  1. Clean your room. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, but making sure your room is clean is a key to showing your parents and family that you’re able to handle life on your own. Make your bed, take out the trash, scrub down the sink and bathroom and make sure everything is in order. First impressions are everything.
  2. Let your roommate know they’re coming. The last thing you want is your family to come to town and walk into your room to a snoring/sleeping roommate. Make sure you contact your roommate and let him or her know when you’re family is coming. Coordinate with them and you may even be able to solicit their help for cleaning your room.
  3. Make a plan. A pleasant surprise for your family is having something planned for when they arrive. MSU sponsors lots of Family Weekend Events, but there are plenty of things to do (and places to eat) in Mankato! Suggest an activity to them when they arrive and you’d be surprised at what they’re willing to do.
  4. Show them around campus. Now that you have a better feel for campus, take your family around campus and show them some of your favorite places and where some of your classes are. They’re sure to be interested in what you’ve been up to since they last dropped you off.
  5. Thank them! Before they hit the road and head home, be sure to thank your family for coming. It’s a small gesture, but gratitude always goes a long way, especially with your loved ones.

And that’s it! The most important part of Family Weekend is to simply enjoy your time with family and have fun!

Time Capsule

If we were to do a time capsule, what are some of the things that would represent us best? What would we like to save for 25 years and revel in the world again?

Trends come and go and some of them never come back (hopefully). Others, seem to always resurrect, like Converse. Others die and most people don’t seem to even remember them like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

Music changes and evolves as time passes and so do many other things like video games, tech gadgets and even lingo.

Just imagine all the iPhones we have gone through in the past 20 years. From the very first ones to the 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 7, 8, and the X. Then, we have fidget spinners, and somehow we should definitely include how games have evolved, from Minecraft to Fortnite.

Other trends we should include in our time capsule are snap spectacles, a Mac Miller CD, and maybe a pair of high-waisted jeans since those seem to be back again.

What else would you like to include in our time capsule?



Celebrating 150 Years of MSU: What It Means for You!

Minnesota State is set to celebrate a major milestone in 2018 as it will celebrate its 150th birthday.

“It’s a huge milestone for our institution,” Paul Hustoles, chair of the 150th observance, said. “It gives us an opportunity to really look at our past and an opportunity to think about the next 150 years. It’s not every day you get to celebrate your 150th birthday.”

Founded on Oct. 7, 1868, MSU is Minnesota’s third oldest university behind Winona State University (1858) and the University of Minnesota (1851). MSU has been celebrating over the last year and it will cap off the celebrations with homecoming and a few other events in the coming weeks.

“We have had more than 150 events during the past year, including this past summer,” Hustoles said. “We are just coming into our ‘grand finale week.'”

The full schedule of events for the 150th Celebration Week, courtesy of Paul Hustoles.

Celebration events include the “Stomping Through the Decades” Homecoming Parade, several presentations, dedications to MSU buildings, speakers and more. Saturday, Oct. 6 marks the finale of the celebration and will be the Birthday Bash party in the CSU.

“We are taking over the CSU and it should be a great time,” Hustoles said. “Of course we will have cake and ice cream, but also fun and games, a variety show, a big dance and an amazing laser show projected onto to the CSU.”

Hustoles said the event is free to “every member of our MSU community” and more details regarding the event should be available soon. He also stressed the importance of celebrating the university’s milestone.

“Current students will forever be part of our history. [There’s] no time like the present to celebrate our collective past and our anticipated future,” he said.

For more information about MSU’s 150th Observance, please contact Paul Hustoles at paul.hustoles@mnsu.edu or visit www.mnsu.edu/150/.

The Best Weekend Yet

by: Brett Marshall

Homecoming weekend is usually one of students’ favorite events of the year and that’s largely due to the exciting events that take place.

You’ve probably seen the event names all over the place, but what exactly should you expect? Luckily for you, this is my fifth homecoming, so I’m here to provide you with a little rundown of the week’s remaining events.

Lip Sync & Coronation

By far one of my favorite events of the year. During the last two or three weeks, RSOs have formed teams and have been practicing a full-blown dance routine. The routines usually last five to six minutes and include props, flips, lifts, one person always lip syncing and much more. Thursday at 7 p.m. in Bresnan Arena, the teams perform their routines live in front of a panel of judges and students and are scored on certain criteria including, but not limited to, originality, creativity and incorporating the homecoming theme.

After each of the teams has performed its routine, the Student Events Team reveals the MSU Homecoming Royalty. Two people are crowned and win based on interviews and votes from MSU students. Following that, the judges announce the winners of the Lip Sync competition. The atmosphere of this event is electric and the performers always put on dazzling routines. If you only make it to one event this weekend, make sure it’s lip sync!

Homecoming Concert

Fetty Wap comes to Kato as one of the biggest names the campus has seen in recent memory. He’s sure to put on amazing show, which will begin with a performance from Silento. The concert is always packed, loud and exciting. Grab some friends and catch a one-of-a-kind concert in Myers Field House Friday at 7 p.m.

Homecoming Parade

This should be one of the best parades MSU has ever had. Saturday’s Stomping Through the Decades Parade will be downtown for the first time in years. The parade, which begins at 10 a.m., is packed full of Maverick pride including royalty, handmade RSO floats, local law enforcement and fire vehicles, Maverick Machine pep band, city officials, academic clubs and many other entries. RSO’s compete by trying to create the best float and are again scored by a panel of judges. They go all out for these and often have jaw dropping setups as they stroll down the street. To find out more details and to find transportation information for the parade, check out last week’s article.

Football Game

The rival Huskies of St. Cloud State University come town for the Homecoming Finale. The Mavericks enter the weekend ranked as the #1 team in Division II setting the stage for a terrific matchup. Grab your friends, pack Blakeslee Stadium Saturday at 2 p.m. and cheer the Mavs to victory.

CSU Journey Painting

by AFURE ADAH, CSU Communications Student Staff

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of our school, I thought I would throw it back to the “Journey” painting in the CSU. I am sure many of you have noticed and walked by the beautiful painting by  nationally renowned painter, Marian Anderson. Since it is such an iconic historical painting here at our school I’m going to give you some back story on the piece.

Let’s first take a look at the image and some of the iconic locations featured in it. Notable buildings include the Taylor Center (bottom middle), Ostrander Bell Tower (top right) and the fountain (middle). The right side features a highlight on athletics including a tip of the hat to the 2009 Women’s Basketball Team, who won the National Championship. The planes in the top left corner are a metaphor to “represent the promise of tomorrow.”

The painting was created by Minnesota native, Marian Anderson, who said she had to experience and get a feeling of campus before she could paint it. Her vision for the piece came from enthusiasm shared by alumni and the campus community after a tour of campus. Anderson said her vision wasn’t about capturing a collection of campus buildings, but instead, about bringing pride and promise to the canvas.

The montage is a journey that carries the viewer through the past to the ever evolving future at MSU Mankato. The amount of symbolism in the piece is almost endless, but as a whole, Marian said she wanted to “ignite people’s thinking so it will bring out their memories on their own” and to “deliver the promise of the future.”

So now that you know the story behind “Journey,” I encourage you to take a closer look and be inspired.

Your First College Homecoming: Competition to Shape Your ‘Mav Fam’ Experience

By Brett Marshall, CSU Communications Student Assistant

Undoubtedly, some of your fondest high school memories came from your homecoming. You shouldn’t expect that to change as you prepare for your first college homecoming.

Though both are homecomings, the way the weeks are constructed are vastly different. High school homecomings tend to be more “themed” and involve things happening between classes. Remember dress-up days? College homecoming is nothing like that.

In college, no one cares if you’re a freshman or a senior – when homecoming hits, we’re just one big Mav Fam! That said where competition does heat up is between RSOs. MSU homecoming has teams that are formed by RSOs who compete in a variety of events such as a food eating contest, lip sync battle, parade float building, dodgeball, school spirit and more!

Each event awards the RSO points and at the end of the week, the RSO that accumulates the most points receives a cash prize. Most high schools don’t have cash incentives nor do they have events throughout the week.

Another highlight of homecoming is the concert. This year, the Student Events Team is bringing in world-renowned rapper, Fetty Wap (with special guest Silento – you know, the Whip-NaeNae guy). The concerts are always high-energy and this concert should be no different! Be sure to visit mnsuevents.com and get your ticket if you haven’t already.

It’s a week filled with opportunities and memories! If your RSO isn’t participating as a team, you should still try your best to make it to as many events as you can! I’ve taken the time to outline a few of my favorite events below.

  1. Bonfire and Fireworks – see how fast a tower of wood palates goes up in flames – Monday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. behind Blakeslee Stadium
  2. Lip Sync – perhaps the most popular and most fun competitions during Homecoming Week ends with the crowning of new royalty – Thursday, Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. in Bresnan Arena
  3. Fetty Wap Concert – one of two major concerts each year – Friday, Sept. 28 at 7 p.m. in Myers Field House
  4. 150th Homecoming Parade – the downtown anniversary parade is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – Saturday, Sept. 29 at 10 a.m. in Downtown Mankato
  5. Football Game – what’s Homecoming without a football game – Saturday Sept. 29 against St. Cloud at 2 p.m. at Blakeslee Stadium. GO MAVERICKS!

Those are all events you don’t want to miss! Click HERE to view a full schedule of events. Homecoming is one of the best weeks of the year, so be sure to make the most of it!



Cheer on Mavericks Football For Opportunity To Win A $500 Scholarship

By Alejandro Reyes Vega, CSU Communications Student Assistant

Students are always in search of money, after all, we have a lot of bills to pay and not a lot of time to make money. With that being said, how does a $500 scholarship sound?!

At every Maverick home football game, there will be an opportunity for a lucky student to obtain a $500 scholarship given by Dr. Pepper. If you are a student and would like the chance to win, then stop by the Hot 96.7 van before the game or at the Student’s Rewards booth before the end of the first quarter.

You must have a current MSU student ID!

At halftime, the lucky student will be drawn, and they have 96.7 seconds to get to the midfield and claim their reward.

You must be present to win!

Here are the dates of the Maverick home football games:

  • Sept. 29 (Homecoming) at 2 p.m.
  • Oct. 13 at 1 p.m.
  • Nov. 3 at 12 p.m.
  • Nov. 10 at 12 p.m.


Every Wednesday in the CSU, Athletics does tabling, so make sure to stop by and see Stomper as well as some of the student-athletes. Later in the year, students will be able to pick up their Hockey Fast Passes on Wednesday’s in CSU123. Watch for more info!

Students Can Grab a Bus To the Homecoming Parade

By Alejandro Reyes Vega, CSU Communications Student Assistant

For the first time in decades, the MSU Homecoming Parade will march through Downtown Mankato to celebrate the 150th (Sesquicentennial) Year of Minnesota State University, Mankato.

More than 100 units will participate in this year’s parade making the largest one in recent history.

The route begins at the corner of South Broad Street and East Liberty. It will meander down Broad,  Cherry, Second,  and Main Streets before turning onto Riverfront drive and ending at East Rock Street.

The best place to watch the parade will be on South Broad Street between East Liberty and East Cherry. The second-best place is in South Second Street between East Cherry and East Main.

The City of Mankato will provide specific Homecoming shuttles for students and other community members from campus to downtown the morning of the parade.

Look for purple wrapped sesquicentennial University buses for transportation from campus to the parade.

Buses start their routes at 7 a.m. and additional buses will be added after 8 a.m. and will make trips every seven minutes up until 2 p.m.

Buses will run from the Nelson Hall Bus Bench and the McElroy Bus Shelter to a temporary transit hub in the 600 block of Broad Street in downtown Mankato.

Students will depart near the St. Johns Baptist Catholic Church, just two blocks from the parade route on South Front Street. The free President’s Pancake Breakfast (7:30 a.m.-10 a.m.) will be four blocks away near the Civic Center Plaza by the Verizon Wireless Center.

For parade participants, if you’re not using the shuttle buses, park in the Mankato West High Parking Lot. At the end of the parade, the City of Mankato will start shuttling parade participants near the termination of the route at East Rock Street back to the West High Parking Lot. The estimated frequency for this shuttle is 20 minutes depending on traffic.

MSU’s Mavathon

by: Brett Marshall

One way the fraternities and sororities are giving back and shifting the conversation is their active involvement in MSU’s Dance Marathon, a student group dedicated to raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. They also plan an event known as “Mavathon,” which is a 10-hour celebration of the year’s fundraising and also a final push to raise as much money as they can “For the Kids.”

Image may contain: 25 people, people smiling, indoor

Image courtesy of MSU Dance Marathon on Facebook

The committee that organizes the year-long fundraising is led by the IFC and PHC Vice Presidents of Community Service and Philanthropy.

“Dance Marathon is a good way to meet new people and get involved in something that creates an impact on campus, especially because we are MSU’s largest philanthropic organization,” Sarah McClain, the PHC VP of Community Service and Philanthropy, said.

MSU’s Dance Marathon has raised more money than any other dance marathon in Minnesota, already over $150,00 in its eight-year history, and is just one of the many ways that fraternities and sororities are making a positive impact on the campus and community and creating the ultimate college experience.

Sorority recruitment begins Thursday, Sept. 6 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 10. If you have interest in signing up, you can register by visiting https://maverickgreeks.mycampusdirector2.com/landing/. Any questions about sorority recruitment can be directed to Lexi Stauffacher at Alexandra.Stauffacher@mnsu.edu

Fraternity recruitment begins Thursday, Sept. 20 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 23. If you have interest in signing up, you can register by visiting https://www.mnsu.edu/activities/greek/prospective/fraternities.html. Any questions can be directed to Kevin Hines at Kevin.Hines@mnsu.edu.

If you have interest in learning more about or becoming a part of MSU Dance Marathon, you can contact Sarah McClain at Sarah.McClain@mnsu.edu. Also, be sure to mark your calendars for the weekend of February 23-24 as that is the weekend the dance marathon committee is planning on hosting Mavathon.