5 Life Hacks to Help Land that Job

Career & Internship EXPOThere’s no experience quite like feeling you have a leg up, are a head of the curve, or have an extra trick up your sleeve. But how does one do that when it comes to resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and salary negotiation? A good place to start is with these 4 psychological life hacks to get you going!

1. Stop Faffing and Just Do it!
Faffing is the art of doing small things to avoid completing a bigger task. I seem to always have time to organize my junk draw or re-write my to-do list whenever there is a big project lurking, just waiting for me to start it. Are you faffing around with your resume and cover letter? Next time you realize you are doing this, just stop faffing and start getting your education, experience, and skills down on paper with the help of the Job Search Handbook available at “CDC Handbook Download” ! Then come to Quick Stop at the Career Development Center Wigley 209 from Monday-Friday 1pm-4pm to have your resume and cover letter reviewed. Before you know it, your application materials will be polished and pristine.

2. Carry Yourself with Confidence
So you’ve overcome your faffing tendencies and you got that interview with your professional cover letter & resume- congratulations! Did you know that your non-verbal body language helps to determine whether others are drawn to you? People can tell by the way you walk if you are confident or not. When approaching the interview, walk with purpose and confidence to make the best first impression. The best way to be confident is to be prepared. Do this by scheduling a mock interview at your Career Development Center “Mock Interview Appointment” or try completing the STARR exercise (one of my favorites & SO helpful) in this blog “STARR Exercise”.

3. Cultivate Trust & Make Them Excited About You
If you meet someone new during the job interview process, show excitement. This way the other person will become excited about meeting you too. Over time, if you consistently present a positive attitude – others will naturally have a positive impression of you which will naturally lead to better working relationships. Make sure to smile and keep eye contact while in conversation for at least 60% of the time. This non-verbal behavior cultivates trust and reliability.

4. You Won’t Get What You Deserve…You’ll Get What You Negotiate
Negotiating salary can be stressful, especially if it is the first time you’ve ever done it. Do not fear, your Career Development Center has your back with some helpful information to get you started. Let the employer make the first move in mentioning the salary figure. If you are asked during the interview process, consider saying you will entertain a reasonable offer or state you are willing to negotiate. Make sure you have done your homework and have a range in mind when it comes time to negotiate. Know what your bottom line is, but don’t forget all the other parts of a salary – does medical, parking, retirement, other perks and taxes make the compensation better or worse than it first appears? A psychological trick to try during negotiation (if done in person) is to leave your hands/palms visible – this is a sign of trustworthiness and may work in your favor! Best of all, be prepared and spend some time on this site “CDC Negotiating Salary” for more information.

5. Over Deliver
If you say you’re going to do something, don’t just do it and get the job done, make sure you over deliver on everything you do. This is a great philosophy to approach life in general, but think how far it would go in the world of work! During the interview process, this means sending a personalized thank-you note to your interviewers 24-48 hours after interviewing which conveys your genuine appreciation and excitement for the position in both a personal and professional way.

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–Mandy Wubben, Acting Career Counselor



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