Discovering your passion and exploring career paths: Where do I even start?

Passion? Where should you look for passion? Try answering some of these questions.

What floats your boat? What blows up your dress? What makes you happy? What makes the time float by quickly? What is your mission? What is your purpose? What do you stand for? What do you believe is important? When you are thirsting for life what do you do? What drives you? What are you good at? Do you know what motivates you? How are you going to be a productive member of our community? What inspires you? What are you doing when your heart and soul sings? What do you value the most about your life? What is meaningful to you? What are your wishes? Define your greatness. What is your destiny? What are your dreams? What do you believe in? What matters most? Who inspires you and why?

Where will you find passion? Start by searching inward with questions like these and remember – you can have more than one passion!

The staff at the Career Development Center works to connect students to their passions and eventually to the success of a related career path. Visit for more information.


– Matt Carlson, Career Exploration Coordinator, Career Development Center

Matt Carlson

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