Don’t be a Grinch when it comes to job searching!

sad grinchDoes this look like you when it comes time to start or continue your job search? Same old, same old of clicking through job postings and just not understanding why everyone else is so full of jubilation cheer while you are feeling stuck at the top of Mount Crumpit?

Well first, most everyone feels deflated at some point in the job search process, so you are not alone! Second, there are plenty of ways to enhance your job search to make it more effective and specific towards you. Check out Kristi’s blog from earlier this week, as she gives you SO MUCH information on how to make job searching something you actually want to do!

So you have checked out the blogs and advice through the Career Development Center, but you are still not feeling like you are getting anywhere. One thing that might be impacting your job searching is the possible lack of networking you have done so far (or you could be like the Grinch and have a heart three sizes too small). Have you been making the connections outside of your department? Outside of your family? Outside of your peers? Now do not get me wrong, your professors, family, and peers have the potential to have some great networking opportunities. However, just like the decision you made to take the big step in going to college, now it is time to take the big step in expanding your network connections!

Networking is actually a lot easier than most might think. And one of the best ways to start is through your college or university (I know what you’re thinking… college can do more than just classes and degrees. Who woulda thunk?!). Making connections with MNSU alumni is a great way to build up your connections. Why should you care about networking with alumni?

  • You have a built in ice breaker since you both went to MNSU! Now you don’t have to sweat about starting up the conversation with awkward talk about the weather.
  • Alumni tend to have a soft spot for soon-to-be alumni. By helping you grow and succeed, they help the university grow and succeed.
  • Alumni have graduated from all departments, obtaining all jobs from all possible employers, and have their own wide range of connections! Essentially by connecting with MNSU alumni, you have an endless amount of opportunity for networking in all areas of the world.

Now that all sounds great and everything, but how are you supposed to actually find MNSU alumni you might be asking yourself?

  • MNSU has an Alumni Association, use it! They are located next to the U-Square on the Chipotle side (1536 Warren Street, AF 224) or you can check out their website which has a tab specifically for making connections!
  • Follow the Minnesota State University Mankato LinkedIn This is one of the easiest ways to connect with MNSU alumni. You can look up alumni based on location or job type (it’s not as creepy as it sounds, I promise) to make more meaningful connections for you and your job searching efforts.

Turning this conversation over, those of you who are MNSU Alumni, CONGRATUALATIONS on graduation whenever that may have been! If you are currently in the job search process, you can also use all of the Career Development Center’s resources including MavJobs, QuickStop, and appointments! Your Career Development Center is free and fully available whether you are a first year student, transfer student, nontraditional student, fifth year senior, or alumni!

happy grinchSo now that your heart has grown like the Grinch’s did at the end of his search (or at least your number of job search resources has grown), it’s time to be more happy and optimistic about the Holiday season…. I mean about the job search! Take advantage of all the resources available to you, network, make the most of your job search, and turn that frown upside down (just hopefully not as creepy of a smile as Grinch’s in this picture)!

-Britani Felten, Graduate Student, Career Development Center





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