Find your Niche, Land your Dream Job!

Have you been searching the same old job boards, but not finding what you’re looking for in a potential job? Feel like you’ve been seeing a monotonous string of job postings from the same companies and positions? Shake up your job search with a few new websites and techniques to find a wider variety of positions!

Begin with Basics

Job search websites such as are fantastic for beginning your job search. Not only do employers post directly onto, but also pulls in information from other job search websites. You can use this and other websites to search position openings by industry or by searching specific job titles. You can also specify the city, state or region where you’d like to work.

Many job search websites (including both and allow you to set up “Job Alerts” so that you automatically receive emails when new positions are posted which fit your job search criteria. Be sure to adjust how regularly you’d like to receive alerts! Usually you can set preferences to adjust the frequency with which you’d like to be notified about added openings. Determine whether you’d prefer to receive a weekly email with an “alert” summary or set a more immediate or daily alert if you’d prefer a quicker notification.

Finding your Niche

While large job search websites are a great place to start for most individuals, it’s also important to do research and find industry or field-specific job search websites and professional associations. By finding your niche and searching job sites specific to your field, you may increase your odds of coming across a listing for your dream job!

Luckily, the Career Development Center has done a lot of the legwork for you already, in terms of finding job search websites which pertain to your major! Check out a full listing at the CDC’s website:

In addition to utilizing the list of sites provided on the CDC’s website, here are a few more ways you can find job search resources to suit your career goals.

Talk to your advisor, or professionals in the field. Ask what associations they belong to or recommend to new professionals.

Google It! Try a few key words related to your industry and the area you hope to work in. Many associations have regional or state organizations in addition to national associations for professionals to join. Professional Organizations often have job boards associated with them, although some may require you to become a member or create a log-in for access to these listings.

Consider another sector! Businesses and companies may be a natural fit for your major, but don’t forget Government and Nonprofit agencies need employees with diverse specialty areas as well! For more insight into the many areas you could work while utilizing your major, check out this link to the website “What Can I do with this Major?…”

  • Government Sector. The Federal government is the largest employer in the United States, hiring across many different majors and types of positions. To search for Federal Government positions, try the website For State Government jobs in Minnesota:
  • Nonprofit Sector. Consider a position in the nonprofit sector! These positions are often listed on specialized job board websites. In Minnesota, a great resource is the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, which operates the Nonprofit Job Board: Additionally, you may wish to get involved with an organization like the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN). Chapters of this organization are located in most major cities. Check out the YNPN Twin Cities chapter here:

These tips should help get you started in finding job postings specific to your area of interest, but remember: here in the CDC, we are happy to meet with you to share more personalized suggestions for enhancing your job search! Stop in, give us a call or book an appointment online to speak with a friendly CDC staff person!

Happy Job Searching!


– Kristi Kehrwald, Graduate Student, Career Development Center



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