Get Involved! you survived your first week of classes and are settling into your normal schedule. Now what? Time to take a mental break from studying, put down that Easy Mac, turn off Netflix, give your Facebook account a break, and GET INVOLVED! 


It may seem a little intimidating at first to try something different but think of how good you will feel once you do. Getting involved will allow you to meet new people, build lasting friendships, and maybe discover a passion you never knew you had. It can give you a sense of meaning and purpose and make you feel accomplished as well as provide you with the opportunity to discover your interests, skills, and values. Not only that, but being involved looks AWESOME on your resume. Employers love to see well rounded applicants and being involved can really make your resume stand out when applying for jobs. You can’t go wrong!

Perhaps you want to join a group or activity right here on campus or you want to give back to the community and volunteer or join a professional organization in your field. Maybe you are interested in all three! But where do you even begin?

Here is a list with links regarding some of the things that you may want to GET INVOLVED with:

On-Campus Groups and Activities:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Professional Organizations:  /Associations2008.pdf

So don’t let dorm room or apartment fever get you down feeling trapped in the winter blues. Venture out and try something new! There is no time like the present to GET INVOLVED! You won’t regret it!

– Amanda Dolfin, Graduate Intern

Amanda Dolfin

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