Getting Connected

The CDC can help you GET CONNECTED through networking, events on- and off-campus, and on-campus interviewing.  The more connections you make during your time on campus, the better prepared you are for your next steps in your field!

Networking is a terrific way to connect to those in your field of interest.  You can do this in person, at events, and through social media.

The first line of professionals to speak with is those in your department.  This could be instructors, advisors, or past graduates that will help you put a plan in place and answer a great question of, “What have other students in my field done?”

If you are looking to make connections throughsocial media, a popular site is LinkedIn.  This site will help you to connect with professionals, view job and internship posts, and join groups.

Events are happening throughout the semester so you can get connected with your career interests.  Some events include career fairs, community resource fair, RSO fair, and service learning fair.  For a more detailed list of events coming up, see the CDC site.  Go out, get involved at events, and come to the CDC if you want help preparing!

If you have the opportunity to get involved on campus you will build connections!  Check out clubs in your department, service learning opportunities, awards & scholarships, and the list of student activities.  You will truly benefit by diversifying your interests!

When you walk by the CDC windows, you will see abulletin board on the opposite wall posting the companies that are coming to campus for on-campus interviews.  This is a fantastic way to meet the company and gain interviews for positions you are interested in. You can also find the next postings on our site.

GETTING CONNECTED is going to create opportunities for you to tap into your interests while growing professionally!

 –Shannon Dale, CDC Graduate Assistant



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