Going Global: A guide to National and International Jobs


There are many online resources to locating jobs within different regions of the United States such as Mavjobs, Indeed, and Monster. But do they allow for you to explore career outside of the United States? Or find out the culture of the region you have interest in moving to? The answer is likely no. That’s where GoingGlobal comes in! This online resource not only allows students to explore various locations within the United States and the world, it also has a job/internship search function that can be extremely useful to learn how to navigate. Getting to the site is as simple as logging onto your Mavjobs account and finding the website under Resources.going-global

Let’s look at some of the functions it has to offer!

Country Career Guides

The country guide allows the user to identify a country they are interested in and start discovering the wonders of that country. The guides include information on job search resources, industry & employment trends, professional and social networking connections, financial consideration, and even career and culture advise! It is a great place to start researching the culture of an area to assist in your transition into a region.

USA / Canada City Career Guides

Similar to the country guide, the USA/ Canada city guide provides an array of insight into popular cities with the USA and Canada. This will be very useful for national job seekers who want to get to know a region before even looking for jobs within the different states. Both the Country and USA/ Canada guides will have information about H-1B for international students.

Job Posting and Internship Listings

Along with the guide is the function to search for jobs both nationally and internationally. The filters along the user to set a location and either use the job title search/ skills or key word search/ or company name search. Here’s a tip! If the job title search is not yielding the results you are looking for try putting the term into the skill or key work search to broaden the search to all posting with the term in it.

H-1B Information

This page of the website allows for students to looking for H-1B information that is pulled directly from the US Department of Labor. The comprehensive tool is definitely useful when seeking employers that have submitted applications in the past to identify which companies may yield the best outcome.


These are some of the key functions that students can take advantage of, but there is so much more! Take part in a webinar or visit the Career Development Center during our drop in hours, Monday- Friday 1-4 PM, to learn more specific details of navigating the site.

Carolyn Vue, Graduate Assistant

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