How a Mistake Led me to My Future Job

Kaitlyn SebersonHow many times have you heard that mistakes are a good thing and lessons to learn from? For many people, that might seem pretty hard to understand and won’t even buy it at all. Many things can’t be understood until until you experience them in person and that is something that happened to Kaitlyn, a marketing student here at MSU. Check out her story and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they might lead you to your future job!

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a career expo, but it’s pretty nerve-wracking! (in an exciting way)

I wanted to get a game plan for which employers to visit so I took advantage of the maps that had the layout of the expo and the designations for each employer. I selected my targets: A4, A14, B3, D2, F14, G1, and G14.

I had some great conversations over in the A and B aisles and was ready to make my way over to aisle D. I got distracted talking with some of my friends and didn’t realize that I walked right past aisle D! I made my way towards the employers at booth E, not realizing my mistake.

I walked up confidently, not even looking at the company name on the table cloth, and introduced myself. After the recruiter introduced herself and asked why I was interested in her company, I realized my mistake! I didn’t want to be rude, so I improvised and gave some general reasons as to why I am interested in HR and how it applies to every company. I felt so silly for making such a simple and avoidable mistake!

The forced small talk after my dismay quickly turned into excited exchanges about future opportunities and a clear connection between the recruiter and me.

After about 15 minutes of talking about company growth, philanthropic involvement, and a need for more people “just like me”, I was told that they would love to hire me on after I graduate NEXT DECEMBER! I couldn’t believe they were willing to make an offer with such a distant start date, but she said that with my resume, skill set, and clear ability to make connections with people, it was an investment she was willing to make.

This company hadn’t been on my radar. I had originally decided that they wouldn’t be a good fit for me and that they wouldn’t have anything I would be interested in. But because I got a little distracted and was willing to be genuine with a recruiter, I was rewarded with an amazing opportunity!

One thing our generation does a lot is make mistakes, but there are so many benefits from making mistakes! But making mistakes can point us to something we didn’t know. Making mistakes can deepen our knowledge. Making mistakes can suggest new options we might not have considered. Making mistakes allows us to grow.

I hope that my experience can help other students be willing to step outside their comfort zones and take risks, even if it is by accident.

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