How do I find a part-time job?

Part-Time Job PowerPoint

How do I find a part-time job while in school? On campus?

Everywhere you go on campus you will see students working. Students are directing traffic, selling textbooks and snacks at the CSU, washing dishes, writing parking tickets, and refereeing games at Campus Recreation.

Many of these students found their job on but some also used “Networking” as a method for finding a job. Networking is just communicating with people about possible opportunities. Get out there and ask around. Talk to everyone about your interest in finding work.

Start with the areas you are interested in. Do you work out at the gym every morning? Maybe the Recreation Department needs help at the gym. Are you good at Math? Maybe the Center for Academic Success needs a math tutor. Are you a Law Enforcement major? Maybe Campus Security has an opening or will have an opening soon.

Some Networking Tips – make a good first impression, keep it friendly and enthusiastic rather than desperate and intense, and find ways to make it easy by getting involved with clubs or volunteering.

For most students off campus jobs are also a good option to consider. Did you know it only takes 20 minutes to walk the 1 mile to downtown Mankato? Local employers depend on college students to fill many part time jobs and the Mankato area has been growing very fast recently. Take advantage of this local growth spurt by knowing this will mean more jobs and maybe you are a perfect fit for one of those opportunities.

Don’t forget to go to the annual “Campus & Community/Part-time Job Fair” (Sept 4, 10am-1pm at Myers Field House) where this all comes together in one place and one event; talk to campus organizations and local businesses, get leads on potential job opportunities, submit applications, enjoy the free food and more!


– Matt Carlson, Career Exploration Coordinator

Matt Carlson

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