How do I find and apply for an internship?

You now know why it’s important to have an internship, but now you are probably wondering how do I find and apply for an internship?

When I was searching for an internship, I really needed to think about what kind of experience I wanted to gain in my field. I talked with people in my major who already had internships, and talked with my advisor a couple of times to see how I can get started. I was directed to the Career Development Center by my peers and my advisor. Here at the Career Development Center (CDC) we offer a tremendous amount of resources to help you get started with your search for an internship. On the CDC website under the tab “Job, Internships, Co-ops” you will find links to help you Find Internships.

The CDC suggested I use to find an internship that would provide me with the experience I was looking for. I logged on to Mavjobs, and uploaded my resume to Mavjobs, and clicked on the tab “Search Jobs and Internships” to see what was being offered for internships. By using Mavjobs I was able to find an internship in the Women’s Center as the intern/president of MAV’s (Men Against Violence). In addition to my search, I visited the CDC website for Applying for Jobs and Internships/Co-ops to make sure I was following all of the steps for an internship.


I also looked at different organizations that did not have internship postings being offered in MavJobs that I might be interested in. I remember in high school, an admissions counselor came to my school and talked about all the cool stuff you can do in college and encouraged people to attend college. From that experience, I was like WOW, it would be kind of cool being an admissions counselor and motivating high school students to attend college. I have always wondered what it would be like to be an admissions counselor, and if there was more to it.

I did some investigating by setting up a meeting with the director of Admissions about potentially interning in the Office of Admissions. During the interview, I explained my experience with admissions counselors and how interested I was in learning more about the admissions process, and if I could possibly intern in the office. After the meeting, I was informed that they would love to have me on board as an intern in the office. This led up to an interview which I became an intern in the Office of Admissions.

This goes to show, it’s okay to be open about obtaining an internship at any organization you are interested in, not just the ones that are advertising for internships. It is just a matter of going out there and pursuing what you are interested in when looking for an internship. Don’t feel limited on what organizations you can intern at.

-Antonio Moore, Graduate Assistant


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