How Does an Internship Impact My Future Career Path?

Recently, I spoke with a few College of Business students who were willing to share their experience about internships and the company’s they’ve interned at. See the following comments below for some great advice and commentary regarding their experience:

Q: Why did you decide to complete an internship?

Sara JohnsonSara: To gain as much real-world experience during my college career as possible. Luke Howk, the Internship Coordinator for the College of Business, along with the Career Development Center have both helped in getting on-campus interviews and interview help which can obtaining multiple internships.

Pratibha HeadshotPratibha: I am always eager to learn and explore new things and reach for “the next big thing” in my life. I was encouraged by my mentor Michael Nolan to look outside of the on-campus department jobs and find something new and exciting. However, the idea of going outside of the industry and entering an entirely new platform was challenging but yet exciting at the same time so that was what motivated me to go out and acquire an internship.

Q: How will this help you in your career path?

Nicole BoydNicole: I believe having internship experience, whether it was a few months or a few years, will make any job candidate more appealing as they have been exposed to actual tasks and challenges which they will be doing during their career once they’ve graduated and obtain a job. I have been able to see what Human Resources was like at three different types of workplace that I may work full time for in the near future. By completing an internship I was able to explore my options as to what type of company I would like to work for once I graduated.

Iñigo: Interning provided me with experience not just in digital marketing but also in other departments within the company that work closely with marketing such as graphic design, communications etc. I got to know and experience how marketing works in a company and it provided me with a broader vision that you can’t get at school sitting in the classroom.

Q: They say “practice makes perfect,” do you agree and why?

DanielleDanielle: I think that “practice makes progress”. In accounting, you rarely see the same thing twice, so the more practice you have, the better you will be able to react to new situations that may arise. The business environment is ever-changing and accountants, or anyone have to be ready and willing to change with it and take on that challenge. It is exciting to know I will be continuing to learn about new things throughout my career and expand my knowledge to a level I feel comfortable with the decisions I am making or will have to make in the future.

Q: How does an internship relates to your coursework, or the career path you are interested in?

DanielleDanielle: My internship consisted of preparing tax returns for individuals and entities, working directly with my coworkers, and assisting in other project needs for our clients. I took tax classes throughout my undergraduate degree and continue to be exposed to different areas on tax with my master’s degree, so I look forward to bringing this new knowledge back with me as well as the previous experience I had in my internship to my full time position.

JaxxonJaxxon: I worked as a sales manager for PepsiCo Frito Lay where I would manage regional sales representatives who merchandised the stores and executed signature services. I made sure our products (Cheetos, Tostitos, Fritos, and Doritos etc.) where marketable and attractable to the consumers’ eye. About 75% of our revenues were from impulse buying so visual cues, and location where of utmost importance. Since I am a marketing major, all of these things were covered in the courses provided here at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Q: Why is it important to complete an internship?

DeAndreDeAndre: It gave me an idea of what I liked and disliked and from there I was able to cross things off me list and focus more on what I was interested in. I was able to discover what I love and am passionate about and then from there I was able to gain a better understanding and be more knowledgeable about the career I wanted to pursue.

Pratibha HeadshotPratibha: You’ll be able to gain experience and utilize your knowledge and skills. Also, being able to connect what you study in class to a real world work environment will be beneficial and help you to better understand the course work a little bit better, and also to see where your weaknesses and strengths lies and kind of help you figure out what career path you’d like to pursue.


If you have internship experiences or stories that you may like to share with us, or know of someone that does, please let us know! Feel free to get in contact with us through email (, phone (507-389-6061), or stopping by our office (209 Wigley Administration).

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