How Going to the Career & Internship Expo Set Me on the Path to Success

Last year I was getting ready to graduate in the spring of 2016. I believe I had the same thought of every senior, “what am I going to do after I graduate?” Yes, getting the degree is the first step but what’s the next step.

During the fall semester I began to see promotions about The Career Development Center’s Career and Internship Expo. I knew I wanted to attend but I didn’t know quite what to expect this time around. You’re going in thinking you’re ready to shake the hands of different company’s recruiters and pitch yourself. It’s intimidating but if you don’t put yourself out there you won’t be able to see what you like in differing employers.

The night before the expo I printed out extra copies of my resume. Making sure everything was spelled right and it was exactly what I wanted. The day of the expo I walked in confidently and after an hour I didn’t find a company that was right for me. In the short term I was disappointed. I knew there was another day and I knew I wanted to meet more employers and see what they had to offer.

The next day I made sure I was ready and I walked in and began talking with employers that shared the same vision as I did. As I walked around more I came across a booth that stood out among the rest. It was completely red and there were three people welcoming me in wanting to pitch me an opportunity.

The company was Target and after about five minutes and a resume exchange I was offered an interview for the next day. Thankfully my class for that day was cancelled.  After the first interview I was moved onto the next round and three more interviews later I was offered a job with Target.

If it wasn’t for the Expo I wouldn’t have been able to have the opportunity to work for an amazing company. My advice to graduating seniors, take the chance and put yourself out there and seek out every opportunity you can. Take the time to find an organization or company that fits exactly what you want. It’s worth it!


Zach Gunby

Executive Team Lead – Sales Floor, Target

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