Recruiter’s Advice on How to Approach the Hiring Process

12141494_10153815218425832_6987498732728141498_nWe often see recruiters as scary, intimidating, daunting people that we need to be careful with, plus on top of that, they don’t seem very easy to please… but RELAX; we are here to tell you that they are nothing like that!

We got the chance to talk to Brad Boettcher, a manager at Clifton Larson Allen, an accounting and financial firm. He gave us great insights about how students should approach hiring managers or recruiters. Check them out and you will see that it is easier that it seems!

Q: How do great employers find great employees? We obtain a majority of our professionals through on-campus recruiting. We rely on our partnerships with these institutions to help identify great candidates.

Q: What is your secret advice in how to create a good and strong network? (From the beginning to the mature stage) Stay late at the event. Towards the end of the events, everyone’s a little more relaxed and more open to share, which leads to better connections.

Q: What do recruiting managers see in the perfect candidate, what makes him/her stand out from the crowd? People skills. It seems simple, but having the ability to have a conversation and communicate well is an under-appreciated quality.

Q: In a job interview, what are the things that most candidates could be better at? Being open and honest during the interview. Too often candidates give the “standard” responses to interview questions.

Q: What new trends do you see in the recruiting process that students should be aware of? The earlier the students get involved in the recruiting process, the easier it’ll be to find the right place to begin their career.

Q: What are some myths about the recruiting process/job interview etc.? That a good GPA is all you need. In most cases, people skills and communication are at least as much a factor as a glistening resume. It’s easier to teach technical abilities than “soft” skills.

Q: How should a candidate approach the salary/benefit negotiation? In general, all of the salary/benefits will be fairly competitive between employers. I would focus more on finding the right organization to begin your career. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on what’s going to be the best fit for you in the long-term.

Q: What do you like about MNSU students? MSU, Mankato has a great accounting program. Coming out of that program, we’re never concerned about the technical abilities of the candidates.

Q: How should candidates approach a career fair? How do they differ from the “online approach” of applying for jobs? Career fairs are similar to very short interviews. You may only engage the recruiter for a few minutes, but those interactions can be very impactful.

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