Seriously, who do you want to work for tomorrow?

Seriously,Christina who do you want to work for tomorrow?

The excitement of graduating is not always as glamorous as one might think. I am sure anyone who has been in this position will know what I am talking about. For those who are getting close to this, let me narrate that for you.

It is your last semester in college and you have had all the experience you will need to be successful in the real world. You are constantly visiting the career center at your institution to make sure your resume and cover letter are ready to go. On your way out of the career center office you bump into friend who ask you what kind of job you are applying for. Right at that instant you say to yourself, I got this. You give yourself a pat on the back knowing that you know exactly what kind of jobs or positions you want, but as you give a perfect plan out scheme of your well thought-out plan, you realize you never actually considered researching who you were going to work for tomorrow. Though it might not seem important because all you want is a job, trust me, you would have wished you knew about it sooner than later down your career road.

When you’re starting a new career, choosing the positions you want to apply for is only half the battle. The next step is figuring out who do you want to work for and how these companies best align with your professional goals. Do you want the exciting roller coaster of starting your life in a new, unknown location? Or perhaps you’d prefer to do some research on the field of work, employers, salary, and even the best pizza joints, shopping mall, or restaurants.

These are the kinds of questions every new job seeker needs to ask him or herself when choosing who they are going to work for tomorrow. Here is what to consider when researching who you are going to work for tomorrow.

  1. What industry do I want to work for? Nonprofit, for profit, Start-up Company, large corporation, small company, etc.
  1. What location do I want? International, local, nationwide, cold, warm, etc.
  1. What are my short term goals or long term goals? How does it relate to what my employer has to offer?
  1. Do I want a job growth opportunity environment, or steady stable position?
  1. Am I willing to relocate whenever my employers needs me too?
  1. Do I want to live in the cities such as New York, or do I prefer a calm small town?
  1. What kind of entertainments do I need? Am I willing to compromise?

Now, it’s time to hunt for your first job, a mission often fraught with uncertainty. As you swap your cap and gown for a business suit and a briefcase, consider these few five job websites tailored for new graduates:

  1. So you have a degree, but you have absolutely no clue on what kind of positions are out there? Here is a link that will put you on the right path:
  1. The next step after you’ve figured out what positions you want, research on the specific career, and job growth.
  1. Once you’ve narrowed down your career path and all the necessary information, you will want to research on the salary, the location, and last but not least, the companies you will be applying to:
  1. At this stage, you are almost ready to put yourself out there. The second to last thing I will recommend is writing your resume and tailoring it to what jobs you are searching for. You will want to schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor.
  1. Now that you are officially done with these steps, you are ready to put the word out there to employers. Below is a professional website where you can do that!

Good luck in your job search!

-Christina Tchatchouang

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