Stepping Up to Service!

Welcome to a new semester at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Coming to you today to highlight the benefits of service-learning and to inform you about the benefits of service learning.

Service-learning gives you the opportunity to put what you are learning in the classroom into practice in real-world situations. It provides a time to plan, implement, assess, and reflect on initiative outcomes.


  • Reinforces understanding of class topics.
  • Increases understanding of classroom topics.
  • Provides hands-on experience possibly leading to an internship or job.
  • Allows you to explore values and beliefs.
  • Extends the opportunity to act on what you believe is right.
  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Inspires growth in your understanding of diverse cultures and communities.
  • Promotes deeper learning about social issues, their causes and how to affect change.
  • Helps you identify strengths, skills and talents while applying them in real world settings.
  • Develops and enhances communication, collaboration, and leadership skills.
  • Tests your skills, interests, and values in a potential career path, or learn more about a field that interests you.
  • Connects you with professionals and community members with whom you will learn.
  • Helps to cultivate a professional network of people you might connect with again later for jobs or internships.
  • Satisfies your urge toward public service or civic participation.

With these benefits in mind, and the fact that you have found this article on the Career Development Blog, chances are the time has come to step up to service!  Perhaps a professor has included a service component in one of your classes or your schedule is allowing you time to consider ways to enhance your academic experience.  Where should you begin?  The expression “seize the moment” or “there is no time like the present” will carry you far as you weave service into your daily routine.

For more information on service-learning opportunities visit our web site and consider joining the CEO Portal on MavSync or call the Community Engagement Office at 507-389-5789!

Denise Billington-Just
Assistant Director of Community Engagement

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