Still Job Searching?

Jobs don’t fall into place overnight, and in fact it’s typical for job searches to take 3 to 9 months for new college graduates. As you begin (or continue) your job search, keep these goals in mind:

  • Think Quality over Quantity

Don’t send out the same generic cover letter to each company or organization you’re applying to. Demonstrate your interest by tailoring your resume and cover letter based on the position description. This will help your materials stand out from those of other candidates. Work to incorporate the required and preferred qualifications for the position into your resume and cover letter. ‘Connect the dots’ for the employer by relating your skills to the position you’re applying to!

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  • Make Connections

The job search is not all about sitting in front of your computer screen. It’s important to connect with peers and professionals within your field of interest. Keep up with people you already know and take every opportunity you can to grow your network. Be prepared to introduce yourself to new people, and get comfortable sharing about the types of positions you’re excited to pursue.

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  • Keep Active!

It’s important that during your job search you keep active, and do things you enjoy doing! Take good care of yourself, exercise, see friends and family and enjoy time with your hobbies in order to maintain good mental and physical health. This will allow you to be more productive, and will keep you from turning into a job-search-zombie. Also, consider new ways to get out of the house and out into the community! Volunteering, attending social events and connecting with other people who share your interests can be rewarding and can even build your network. Keeping an upbeat attitude about your job search will be easier if you give yourself breaks, and having a good attitude will make you a more attractive candidate to employers. Who wants to hire a Grumpy Gus? Taking care of yourself and giving yourself a break are important things to keep in mind as you job search.

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  • Seek Support

Don’t forget, the Career Development Center has great resources for job seekers! We are happy to meet with you, to talk through concerns or questions you have about the job search, and to offer some encouragement and tips along the way. Alumni and current students are welcome to set appointments, or stop in during Quick Stop! Our website is also full of fantastic resources, links to helpful websites, and information about alumni employment.

Happy Job Searching!

– Kristi Kehrwald, Graduate Staff, Career Development Center

Kristi Kehrwald

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