The HOW to researching employers!

Hello there everyone in blog land! Are you excited to be here? I know that I am! Wait a minute. I’m feeling a sense of déjà vu. Oh, right, that’s because I was repeating word for word the beginning of my LAST blog. Of course, the reason I might be thinking about my last blog is because this is the continuation of that blog. The 2nd in a two part series focusing on the WHY and HOW of researching employers. The last blog, which you should read here if you haven’t already, focused on the WHY and this blog will be focusing on the HOW.

This week, there will no shenanigans and we are going to get right into it! So, below is a few ideas for HOW you research employers.

LinkedIn: Do you have a LinkedIn account? If you don’t, you really really should. It is an invaluable tool for networking and building your professional online contact list. Also, it is a wonderful resource for researching employers. Many organizations have official webpages that are on LinkedIn. You can then choose to follow these companies. The companies and organizations often post information about the company and by following them, you can be in the know about the current trends, culture, and even job postings. You can even utilize the page to find current employees in the company to connect with!

MNSU Graduate Statistics: Have you heard about the MNSU graduate statistics (insert link here)? Well, to be honest, not many of you have. Yet, more people should know about this amazing resource that is put together by the Career Development Center. By clicking onto this website, you will be able to search by major and find out where students who graduated with that major ended up working. The data goes back several years and is a treasure trove of information on who is hiring MSU grads. If you have no idea where to start in the research process, I would recommend the MNSU graduate statistics.

Official Webpage: This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s one that many students still miss. Go to the official webpage of the company that you want to research. This is a very crucial step. The important thing to remember is that you really need to dig deep and to find good information. You don’t want to simply parrot off the first page of the company website, but rather click through various links. Allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole of information. Find some things about it that seem really cool or that excite you and then share that passion with an employer through the cover letter, at a job fair, or in an interview.

Job Search Websites: Many job search websites have various ratings of organizations attached to them. On indeed, for instance, right below any job title will be the name of the company along with a star rating and reviews that you can read. This will give you some good insight into the corporate culture that others will not know about. There are also job websites, such as Glassdoor that give you more information on companies and also have reviews and ratings. Although, I will caution everyone to take the reviews with a grain of salt, because reviews for companies tend to be on the negative side, since those with positive things to say are still happily employed and aren’t bothering to write reviews.

Web Search: Use the internet. Use whatever your favorite search engine is. Find what you can. You will be able to find articles and current information about the company. You can learn the history about a company. You can learn about highs and lows. Again, it’s right there, but sometimes the most obvious solution is overlooked.

Well, that’s all I have for you today about HOW to research employers. Just remember, if you actively participate in the job process and are intentional, it will shine through. Every company wants to know that you understand who they are before you dedicate yourself to them. They don’t want just anyone, they want someone with passion, excitement, and a true desire to work with them. By doing research, you can help let the employer know how dedicated you are.

Good luck in all of your job searching!

– Josh Foss, Graduate Assistant, Career Development Center


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