Top 100? (Really?) resume and interviewing tips to land your part-time job!

The new school year has officially begun! It’s a very exciting time, full of food, fun, and non-stop activities. Of course, the majority of you will not be able to fully appreciate this time, because you can’t stop thinking about finding a job. Whether you are looking for an on or off-campus job, the search can be exhausting. Here at the CDC, we have compiled a list of the top 100 ways that you can better prepare yourself for landing a part-time job.

#72 – Relax, the job search can be difficult, but it can be rewarding and will help you build your skills for your future careers.

#81 – Don’t use comic sans as your font in any of your materials. NO MATTER WHAT!

….OK, I’m just kidding. You are not going to get a list of 100 tips, because ain’t nobody got time for that!

However, I will give you a short list of resume and interview tips that will hopefully make the process easier. These tips will help get you started, but if you want more in-depth information, then stop by the Career Development Center for Quickstop, which is from 11am-2pm Monday-Friday. These are the top 5 (maybe 6) tips for resumes and interviews.

  1. Include your contact information (and keep it updated)! Oh, and a quick reminder to update your voicemail message when you start applying so that potential employers don’t have to hear the song, “Who let the dogs out,” before trying to offer you an interview.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short – remember to include non-paid experience, such as volunteer work, as well as any paid experience that you might have had. All your experiences contribute to who you are as a person and as employee. Don’t give the employer an incomplete picture. You never know what might pique their interest.
  3. Have your resume reviewed, even if it isn’t by the Career Development Center. Having another set of eyes can help you get a better idea of how others view your resume.
  4. Be careful about what you include before you started college. Often, high school attendance is not very important once you are admitted to college. Also, if you were very active in high school, it might look strange if you have decided to not continue participating in the same areas when in college.
  5. Before an interview, take some time to think about your experiences. Take some time to write down some stories that you want to tell in your interview or even some potential answers to tough interview questions. Any interview can be stressful and there is no need to add additional anxiety by having to search for answers and examples to give when you haven’t given it any thought.
  6. Be yourself! Sure, it may seem like simple advice, but it is one that students often forget when job searching. The person who is hiring wants to know what you bring to the table, but they also want to know who you are as a person. You are already in school, working towards a long-term goal and currently achieving it! How can you stand out if you are trying too hard to blend in?

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you. As always, feel free to make an appointment with any of our fine staff in the Career Development Center if you need a more personal touch in your job search. Just remember, winter break is only 15 weeks away!


– Josh Foss, Graduate Assistant

Josh Foss

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