“Welcome to Mr. Slushy Dawg, may I take your order?”

Welcome back to classes, Mavericks!


With some luck, your internship, part-time job, or volunteer experience over the summer was something directly related to the career you want to pursue after graduation, and the skills and experiences you had are a no-brainer for your resume. If so, that’s great – write it all down now before you forget, so your resume is ready to go when that next dream opportunity comes at you out of the middle of nowhere!

For the rest of us who ended up working at the Mr. Slushy Dawgs of the world, we may need to put a little more thought into how we list that job on our resumes, to show off our best selves to potential future employers.


Bottom line is, you need to be thinking about “transferable skills”.  Sure you were slinging hot dogs all summer – but was that really all you were doing?  If you think about it, you were:

  • Prioritizing and organizing different work orders
  • Practicing good customer service skills through setting customer expectations, and politely and professionally handling difficult situations and customers
  • Working as part of a team, potentially even leading a team, or filling in for other roles and responsibilities as needed
  • Being responsible by showing up when you said you would, and maybe even on time!

And lots more, I’m sure.  Guess what? These are all skills that employers – all employers – are looking for!  If you can translate your transferable skills into a resume, and give solid examples of how you practiced those skills in an interview, you’re going to be just fine whenever you apply for your next job – whether that’s in accounting, or nursing, or construction, or managing a music studio – wherever you want to go!

Need help? Stop by QuickStop here at the Career Development Center (WA209) between 11am-2pm, Monday through Friday, for a quick 15 minute walk-in session, and we’ll be glad to help!

Don’t have time, or aren’t ready for an in-person chat? Check out some of our online resources – one of our favorites is the Career Development Center’s own Job Search Handbook, but we have lots more resources available on our website as well:www.mnsu.edu/cdc

Need a hint on what types of transferable skills you might have picked up over the summer without even realizing it?  Check out the lists here for some ideas:



As always, we’re just a phone call or email away, and we’d be glad to help you sort out any questions you might have about translating your skills in a way that will make you a very attractive candidate to future potential employers!


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