What should I do after my internship is done?

The biggest thing you’ll want to do after your internship is completed is take some time to reflect on the experience. What went well and what didn’t go so well? What skills did you learn or hone during the internship, and what experiences and accomplishments are you taking away from the internship?

If you haven’t done so already, this may be a good time to follow-up with your supervisor, to thank her or him again for the opportunity you were provided and talk to them informally about your performance on the tasks and skills you were asked
to do. What advice do they have for you, if you were to continue on in this career field?

Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile! Think about all of your tasks, responsibilities and accomplishments, and think about the different functional areas of the organization you observed or took part in. In addition to updating your resume, jot down some STARR examples that you can use during interviews to help explain why the internship was an important part of your career preparation.

Send thank you notes, not just to your primary supervisor during the internship, but to anyone else that you worked with closely. If you had a positive relationship with your supervisor or others during the internship, politely ask for a recommendation, either in letter format or via LinkedIn. When asking for a recommendation, make it easy for that person by listing a few of the things you would particularly like to have their comments on, such as any particular tasks, job duties or skills that you feel will be important to highlight for your career in the future.

Keep working on developing your skills and experience! Did you enjoy your internship experience? Look for more ways to learn and develop additional skills and knowledge in that career area. Look for additional internships, volunteer experiences, or part-time work in similar or related organizations.

Didn’t like some aspect of your internship experience? Talk it over with your academic adviser, a mentor, or a member of our career counseling staff if you need some help determining whether the issue you experienced is common in the field or industry, or whether the issue was just with this one organization.

Need help reflecting on the experience, updating your resume, preparing for an interview, or reaching out to your connections from the internship? Stop by during our QuickStop walk-in hours (Monday through Friday from 11am-2pm) or setup an appointment with our career counseling staff, and we’ll be glad to help you out!

– Chris Lienemann, Technology & Information Specialist

Chris Lienemann

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