Why get involved during your college experience?

Why should I join a student organization, or do anything extracurricular during my college experience?

I’d like to flip that question and ask why not? The cost is little, and the benefits are HUGE!

Minnesota State Mankato is a pretty big school. Joining a student organization will make the university feel smaller and more familiar, helping you to feel more connected and at home during your college experience.

As you connect with the students in your organization, your network will grow, and you will likely become aware of opportunities you might miss otherwise. You will also have the opportunity to practice your passions, or potentially learn your passions if you aren’t yet sure what they are.

Learning in the classroom is great, but only takes your knowledge so far. Putting that knowledge to work and testing it with others will make the concepts come to life and further your understanding. This deeper understanding will help you conquer that all mighty interview as you wrap up your college career, as you will be armed with stories that you can share with employers during the interview process. The employers will be impressed by your extracurricular involvement, because it demonstrates to them that you are willing to go above and beyond, and take responsibility for your own learning.


– Ashley Strom, Assistant Director, RSO’s and Non Traditional Students


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