Why You Should Take the FOCUS Today

As a senior I’m lucky enough to be at the point where I am in the midst of my major and I know what I want to do when it comes to my career. Not everyone is at that point though. Many students are changing majors or trying to figure out what they should major in. This process can be exhausting, trust me, I’ve been there. When I first came to college I had no idea what I wanted to do, let alone, what I was going to major in.

With help from my advisor at the time I went from Undecided to Social Studies Education to Music Industry (my current major.) Why did I pick Music Industry as my major? It was a good fit for both my personality, skills, and what I was interested in. Figuring out what careers I was compatible with was key to the start of my career planning.

That brings me to the FOCUS. The FOCUS is one of the career and personality assessments that the Career Development Center offers. It’s an online, self guided, interactive program that’s specifically designed to help students pick the right college major and plan their career. This career assessment is easy, quick, and extremely informative. I decided to take the FOCUS out of curiosity to see if my decisions in picking my major aligned with my personality and values and if there are any other careers out there that might be a good fit.

Time to Assess

I was surprised at how easy the FOCUS was. It asks questions about your career planning readiness to see if there is any area in which you may need help with. Then it asks for a list of academic strengths. After that you take the five self-assessments. That sounds like a lot, but each assessment took maybe 5 minutes tops to do. Each assessment can give valuable insight to what career would be a good fit. It takes into account all factors of a person’s life such as work interest, personality, values, skills, and what they like to do in their leisure time. When all the assessments are finished they can be combined to see what careers are compatible with the results.

After getting my results, it looked as if majoring in Music Industry had been a good call. Many of the careers listed for me involved many of my hobbies, being creative, and helping others. Since my career goals involve promoting musicians, actors, and others in the entertainment industry, my major seems like a great fit.

Why You Should Take the FOCUS Today

  1. The FOCUS is free for students courtesy of the Career Development Center.business-idea-1240825_1920
  2. It’s super easy to take and you can do it anywhere.
  3. The results are instantaneous.
  4. The results can point you toward the right major, consolidate your career goals, help plan your job search, or graduate school plans.

So How Do You Take It?

Visit www.mnsu.edu/cdc/assess/focus.html, create an account, and use the access code MAVERICKS. It’s that easy.

Be sure to go to http://www.mnsu.edu/cdc/assess/ to check out all of the assessments the Career Development Center offers and set up an appointment online to go over the results of your assessments with a counselor. If you have any questions or want to learn more about career assessments come to the CDC’s QuickStop hours, 1PM-4PM Monday through Friday.

– Taylor Yliniemi, Communications Assistant, Career Development Center


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