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Minnesota State University, Mankato hosts Awareness Sleep Out to educate students about homelessness.

Have you ever slept in your car for an extended period of time? Lived in temporary housing? Well, you’re not alone. Homelessness is a real issue and continues to affect millions of people each year.

This year, for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, the Community Engagement Office at Minnesota State University, Mankato is hosting an Awareness Sleep Out. During this experiential program, students will learn more about what it is like to face hunger & housing issues that hundreds of thousands of individuals face in the United States every year.

This event will take place on Friday, November 16, in Lot 11a at 9 p.m. and will conclude Saturday (11/17) at 8 a.m. In order to participate you will need a partner to participate with and a car to stay overnight in.

“This is a good event to end on for this week because you are able to experience what individuals who are homeless may encounter,” said Kennedi Alstead.

Throughout the night there will be speakers, discussions, and activities. Participants will be given a back pack of supplies as well as several “fate cards,” which will have hypothetical situations on them. Participants will be able to live out their situations and discuss them in groups. Upon completion of this event, there will be coffee and doughnuts available and you will be able to share your experience with other participants.

If you’re interested in participating in the Homeless Awareness Sleep Out be sure to RSVP by emailing Kennedi Alstead at Although, you will be participating in pairs, each participant needs to individually register so there’s an updated emergency contact information for everyone.

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