Best Places to Fuel Up During Midterms

by TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern


Studying can be an all-night ordeal. Especially during mid-terms and finals season. Whether you need somewhere to eat after an all-night study session, or caffeine fix to keep you going all night.  Here at the CSU office, we choose our top 5 places to fuel up after a whole night of studying.  

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns will be your fastest option for late-night food (Some could say that its.. Freaky fast). The jimmy johns we are talking about is the one right across from campus at U-Square. That location is open until 3 AM which should be open late enough for you to run over and get a sandwich. If you’re really hitting the books hard they also deliver to campus! 

Insomnia Cookies

Have that late-night sweet tooth? Good thing that insomnia cookies deliver their hot, fresh, gooey cookies all the way until 3 a.m. Did you know you can get cookies for free? Download the pocket points app to earn points for studying on campus and not touching your phone. Redeem those points at insomnia cookies! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Chet’s Place

Looking for an option that’s on campus? Chet’s Place features a made-to-order grill offering your favorite appetizers and sandwiches. Also, choose from a selection of fresh-made sushi, Simply to Go salads and popular convenience store items. Chet’s place is located in Carkoski Commons. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday: 10 am-4 pm, 7 pm-Midnight Saturday-Sunday: 1 pm-4 pm 7 pm -Midnight.


Sometimes when you’re studying you need a boost of caffeine to keep you going. Luckily we have a great place right here on campus to get your fix. Jazzman’s in the CSU is open until midnight daily. So whether it’s the early morning fix or the late-night fuel to keep you going Jazzman’s has you covered. Also, we give out a $5 jazzman’s gift card every Wednesday in the CSU with where’s Stomper Wednesday. Make sure to follow our Instagram to win your own gift card. 


Get your day started with a great breakfast. No, I’m not talking about the dining center I’m talking about Weggy’s at U-square. Weggy’s is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Perfect for the early birds who are eager to study or nervous for a test that day. The best part about weggy’s is how close it is to campus. You can even get all the way to U-Square without spending any time outside. Watch our video on the secret tunnels and crosswalks to keep yourself warm this fall. 

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