Brock/Otto Hall of Champions Offers Glimpse of Heritage, Commitment and Spirit of Minnesota State Mankato

by GABBIE KEERAN, CSU Public Relations Intern

The Hall of Champions in the Taylor Center is among the first things greeting students and guest arriving to campus.
Adam Thielen’s football cleats are part of the Alumni display case.

Have you ever walked though the Taylor Center along Bresnan Arena and noticed the exhibit arranged inside the cases? This historic reflection of Big Ideas, Real-world Thinking, is the Brock/Otto Hall of Champions.

Named after Georgene Brock and Robert Otto, the exhibit honors Brock, former director of Women’s Athletics, and Otto, former director of men’s athletics as well as former athletic director at Minnesota State Mankato.

Opening as part of the Taylor Center in 2000, the Hall of Champions is a blend of historical and contemporaryy items that reflect the heritage of Minnesota State Mankato as well as the big dreams, big opportunities, and big impact that the University has today. 

Each case holds a theme ranging from heritage, academics, athletics, student life, and alumni. Stories are told within the cases to show these parts of the University through posters, photographs, books, clothing, memorabilia, and artifacts.

According to Daardi Mixon, university archivist and special collections librarian, said University Archives takes charge of the exhibit with Archives Technician Anne Stenzel taking the lead on selection and arrangement of the displays.

“When the Hall of Champions underwent major revisions in 2012, we met with Integrated Marketing to discuss the cases,” Mixon said. “Feedback from that time, additional training, and Anne’s natural talent have helped maintain the current style.”

Most of the items come from the University Archives with pieces dating back to the original days of the University which opened in 1968. Other pieces and memorabilia are on loan from the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore and University Athletes.

“We look for MSU colors, size of the item – larger the better — and what story an item may help tell,” Mixon said. “We try to represent the diversity of our campus.”

Archives revives on case each year. The entire exhibit gets cleaned and refreshed about three times a year. Refreshing includes switching out photographs, posters, books and memorabilia. 

Mixon said the University welcomes donations that represent the varied aspects of the University. Visit Hall of Champions Donations page for additional information.

For information visit, Brock/Otto Hall of Champions | Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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