Business Continue to Lead Degree Programs in National Study; Health Degrees Trending Upward

A new national study tracking pre-COVID popularity in college degrees shows business-related disciplines continue a two-decade lead with health degrees closing the gap in second place.


Inside Higher Ed reported the results of the 2019 study by Wiley Education Services show business degrees continue to be among the most popular college education disciplines with 19 percent of all bachelor degrees earned in business-related programs.

“There’s no stopping it,” the news summary reported. “Business has been leading undergraduate vertical for the last two decades, and with 4% year-over-year growth since 2014, it shows no signs of slowing down.”

Business Administration was the most popular undergraduate program and most available online. Other top disciplines including Accounting, Marketing and Finance.

COVID and resulting trends may change the trajectory of business with anticipated increase demand for supply chain management as more people shop online. Organizational leadership is another expected business growth area. On a much smaller scale, personal interest and careers in real estate and insurance are likely to remain strong.

The study showed health-related disciplines saw an 8 percent year-to-year increase in 2019 to capture the second highest undergraduate popularity. Claiming the lion’s share of that field of study was four-year degrees in nursing which outpaced other health programs by a 11-to-1 margin.

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