Campus Rec/Intramurals

by: Afure Adah

Campus Recreation

The Campus Rec is a great place to go if you want to workout, train, play a friendly game of basketball or compete in some intramural tournaments.

Campus recreation’s mission is to promote long-term healthy lifestyle behavior through participation in multi-faceted recreational, educational and leisure opportunities.

Intramural Sports

There are countless intramural sports here at MSU and the link will lead you to their schedules and registration forms. Get involved, check it out!

Here are the fall sports for 2018, and their informational meetings times:

  • Flag Football
    Tues. 9/11/18 @ 4pm
    Highland Center 1700B
  • Slow Pitch Softball
    Tues.  9/12/18 @ 6pm
    Highland Center 1700A
  • Volleyball
    Tues. 9/19/18 @ 4pm
    Highland Center 1700A
  • Outdoor Soccer
    Tues.9/19/18 @ 6pm
    Highland Center 1700A
  • Co-Rec Basketball 
    Tues. 10/30/18 @ 4pm
    Highland Center 1700B


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