No Shame, Just Gain At Center for Academic Success

by EMMA GABBERT, CSU Public Relations Assistant


Sometimes the hardest part when navigating academic success is taking that first step. The Center for Academic Success is there to replace stigma with success.

With the end of midterms upon us, it’s important to reflect on what we, as students, could have done to increase our productivity, academic performance, and study habits.

The Center for Academic Success provides a wide range of services from group tutoring for STEM subjects, one-on-one writing advice with an experienced team to help students reach their full potential in their academics.

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In subjects of STEM, the center provides group tutoring sessions daily, so students can collaborate. Group sessions have no cap on attendance. Students may go to the center to simply study, or to get academic help. For writing advice, the center pairs students up with one staff member for a one-on-one session to discuss their writing skills.

Group sessions can be compared to an additional class in a STEM subject, whereas writing advice would resemble office hours with a professor.

Teresa Neubert, the assistant director for Writing, Speech, and Languages, comments on the shame sometimes associated with getting help from a tutor.

‘People think there is a stigma attached to tutoring like it’s remedial. But we want to let students know that our center is widely used by people in competitive fields.’

– Teresa Neubert, Center for Academic Success

Lindsay Stepan, the Assistant Director of Math/Science gives a recommendation to students in reference to finals.

‘The week after Thanksgiving is a good time for students to start coming to the center. The break gives a good benchmark of around 2-3 weeks for students to prepare for their final exams.’

Lindsay Stepan, Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success also contributes to the Maverick Peer-Facilitated Academic Support System, also known as MavPASS. This new program offers select tutoring sessions for difficult classes in the STEM field. Those classes are Accounting 200, Physics I and II, Microeconomics, and Health 101. This service is open to all students who feel they need it. Contact Laura Jacobi at for more information.

The center also has a program called This service is located in the student resources tab on D2L. It provides 24/7 access to an online tutor for students who have a hard time going to the standard hours of the academic center.

Check out the Center for Academic Success website to get more information about additional programs they offer.


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