Class Registration for Fall Begins on March 31

Fall 2022 registration windows open starting March 31. Make sure you are ready to register when your window opens. Students can visit THIS LINK or follow the following steps to find out when their registration window opens:

  • Login to e-services
  • Click “Courses and Registration”
  • In the Sub-menu, click “Registration Window”
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Fall semester.

According to Amy Staloch, the Director of Student Success Communications and Systems, it is now time for the students to:

  • Review Degree Audit Report (DARS). This helps the students know what they have completed for their degree and what they still need to finish.
  • Connect with their assigned advisor to discuss degree progress and registration plans.
  • Check e-services to address any outstanding holds that impact their ability to register for classes.

Registration for International Students

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security previously issued guidance for students to maintain full-time enrollment and legal F-1 student status during the COVID pandemic. Students who are F-1 visa holders were allowed to enroll in full-time online coursework while this guidance is in effect. the current guidance expires after the Spring 2022 semester. For this reason, the Kearney international Center recommends the international students register for face-to-face classes whenever possible.

Hyflex, FlexSync, Blended, or Hybrid course delivery methods satisfy face-to-face requirements whereas classes that are listed as “Completely Online”, “Remote Teaching” or “No In-Person” do not satisfy the face-to-face requirement. The Undergraduate International students should attempt at least 9 credits of face-to-face classes whereas the Graduate International students should attempt at least 3 credits face-to-face. In addition to satisfying face-to-face requirements, the international students must also satisfy minimum credit requirements each semester. Undergraduate students are required to earn 12 credits per semester whereas Graduate International students are required to earn 6 credits per semester.

For more information on Registration for International students, please reach out to the Kearney International Center at 250 Centennial Student Union.

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