College Dorm Room Checklist

Afure Adah

by AFURE ADAH, CSU PR Student Assistant



When I moved into the dorms for the first time, this was similar to the shopping list I used, it’s actually better. This is a very helpful checklist for dorm room shopping and preparing to move to college for the first time! It gives a list of shopping items and even some small tips. This checklist is a printable PDF so you can print it and check off the list as you go!

If you are moving into the resident hall that is off campus, Stadium Heights, I have a link for you too! 

One thing I found that I never noticed going into my freshman year, is that the residential life page has a service linked that makes getting bed and bath supplies for your dorm very easy. It’s like a one stop shop! This Company has been providing linens to students since 1997 and every purchase sends dollars back to your school for campus and housing programs. They also donate to various local charities and non-profits. Take a look!

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