CSU Ballroom’s Video Upgrade

by KARA ALLEN, CSU Public Relations Assistant

The Ballroom in the Centennial Student Union
at Minnesota State University, Mankato


The Centennial Student Union’s Ballroom was just given an upgrade thanks to the partnership with EPA Audio Visual Inc. Recently, in order to enhance the audio and visual quality of the Ballroom for all of its major events, 17 units of the Sony Professional FHZ Laser projectors were successfully installed. This made for the largest installation of Sony Laser projectors in one establishment in the United States, and the first conference center in Minnesota obtaining nearly surround video.

With the complexity of the system, great time and effort were put into laying it out in a user-friendly way without restricting the capabilities of it. In the new software, Sony utilizes a laser-light engine called a 3LCD which provides exquisite “reality creation” quality; with a maintenance-free 20,000 hour cycle. The system backbone is made of Creston DigitalMedia video switcher and 3-series control processor, which administers the 25 high-definition sources and streaming individual video display-endpoints.

According to the Technical Services Coordinator of the CSU Ryan Strelow, the Sony Professional FHZ Laser projectors were the best choice for the CSU to eliminate technical difficulties that they have experienced in the past while providing the best quality video possible. During the coordination of the new system, five divisible room layout configurations, routing audio and video to each zone with ease. Alongside the new layout, several touch panels were installed for wireless and instant control of the software. 

With the new advancements, the CSU Ballroom has upgraded as a conference and event space significantly. With the new surround video and high quality streaming thanks to the partnership with EPA Audio Visual Inc, there is little that the Ballroom cannot do. 



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