CultureChange: Promoting Access to Mental Health Resources

“CultureChange has an extremely motivated, creative group of individuals that are inspired to change the world by decreasing the stigma around mental health. “

Seth Nilsen


CultureChange was founded in the summer of 2020 by four MNSU students. The mission of CultureChange as a nonprofit is to promote access to mental health resources through education, funding, and outreach. CultureChange plans to do this through initiatives at universities in addition to expanding the mandates for mental health to be taught in the K-12 setting. CultureChange is holding a virtual fundraising event from September 30-October 7. Donations of any size are welcome!

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What is the mission of CultureChange?

CultureChange: “Our mission as a nonprofit is to promote access to mental health resources through education, funding, and outreach.”

How did CultureChange get started?

CultureChange: “CultureChange was founded in the summer of 2020 by Seth Nilsen, Alex Schaumann, Alex Schmit, and Jasmin Kotek, who are MNSU students and experienced leaders of the student organization Mental Health Mankato. We started Mental Health Mankato two years ago when we saw our friends and others in the campus community struggle with mental health disorders. We decided we needed to step up and take action to spread awareness and reduce the stigma. Spring 2020 Mental Health Mankato won RSO of the year for our work at MNSU. As we are about to graduate college, it is important that we still have a platform to advance our mission. We decided that we wanted to expand our reach and continue to work in pursuit of mental health awareness, so we started CultureChange with the same goals that inspired Mental Health Mankato.”

What has CultureChange already accomplished?

CultureChange: “We have already passed a mental health initiative through the student government. Some key points in the bill include creating a mental health course for incoming freshmen, providing mental health first aid training to teachers and faculty as well as implementing telehealth services for those who aren’t able to access campus health resources in person. We are super excited to see this initiative implemented at Minnesota State Univerisity, Mankato. We want to continue to work on improving the mental wellbeing of MSU students and all students in the state of Minnesota. The next step we take will be to advocate and advise similar initiatives at other universities and establishments, especially within the MNSCU system.”

Are there any ways that people not affiliated with CultureChange can contribute to the cause?

CultureChange: “Yes! We are in the middle of a virtual fundraising event in order to help us further our mission and set ourselves up for success within our future endeavors. We are looking for donations of any size right now and are grateful for all of the people who have already helped the cause. You can also reach out to us at and we’ll send you updates with ways that you can help support us.”

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