my parents

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Finances, relationships, family and school can just pile up sometimes. I often find myself being angry at the world, and all of its inconsistencies. Through all of the unseen circumstances, I’ve understood that I can credit the consistency in my life to my parents, as they are devoted and steadfast. This is dedicated to you, mom and dad. 

 Throwing balls and frisbees in the yard
 Calling you ‘cause I’m locked out of my car
 Hosing off the sand on our feet
 Hugs and goodbyes when we leave
 Taught us how to love and not to fear
 To wait until we’re grown to have a beer
 That life can break you down and isn’t fair
 But mama’s always covered us in prayer
 Riding wheelers in the back ‘20
 Muddy hands and holes in our jeans
 You came to every game we played
 And walked out your love for us every day
 Taught us to do whats right, not easy
 To respect the ones we hold to a high degree
 Taught us to say goodbye to old dogs
 And when we don’t know where to go, go find who you are
 Writing you these words from a new room
 Wishing I could be right there with you
 It's always in your voice that I hear
 “Bigger, braver, stronger” in my ear
 It’s because of you that I can be
 Leading the life that’s meant for me
 From ten second tidies for that mess
 To telling all my friends the jokes dad said
 All of who I am is thanks to you
 I love you and miss you, and I’ll see you soon
 Twizzlers, popcorn, and watching little house in our little home 
 Knowing that you’ve had our backs, wherever we go
 Raised on the Bible and the “Man in Black”
 You poured into us, never asked us for it back
 Teachers to us when we were young, 
 and now you’re a friend to me 
 You were exactly who we needed you to be 

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