Doing Drag Brings Challenges Ranging From Makeup To Stereotypes

by TAYLOR ZENZ, CSU Public Relations Intern

Aniyah Rose

Did you catch Wednesday night’s high energy, jaw-dropping, student-favorite event?

That’s right, Wednesday was the spring installment of the LGBT Centers bi-annual Drag Show. The “Spring Gender Bender Drag Show” offered special feature performances by four of our very own MSU students, including Luna Muse, Aniyah Rose, Princess Blue Rose, and Luscious Rose.

Past Drag Shows have been one of the most popular – often sell-out – campus events. Participants believe that having a bi-annual Drag Show is a great way to represent Mankato’s diversity.

Aniyah Rose, a first-year finance student, had her first performance on the Ostrander stage. Visiting before the show, Aniyah said participating in this spring’s student spotlight was an important personal moment.

“I love the diversity that Mankato has to offer and the opportunities that follow that diversity.” She added that her favorite part of being in the Drag Show was the ability to perform in front of her fellow students.

Performing in drag offers various challenges ranging from makeup to stereotypes.

“The biggest misconception about drag queens is that we are all men who want to be female,” Aniyah said. “There are many transgender drag queens, but most drag queens are just female impersonators who are giving an illusion of femininity.”

That illusion comes with lots of preparation – and makeup.

“It takes me too long to get ready,” Aniyah admits. “I can honestly say it takes me around two hours to do my makeup, 30 minutes to get dressed and about 10 minutes to put my wig on and secure it with bobby pins.”

After all the preparation, the next big challenge is wowing the audience. The performances spanned upbeat Lady Gaga tracks to socially conscious songs such as P!NK’s “Dear Mr. President.” Incredible talent, energy…and dollar bills was visibly evident.

“You just have to perform your heart out. You have to forget about everything you went through that day, put a huge smile on your face and, hopefully, charm the audience with your moves,” Aniyah said. “The audience expects to be entertained and have a fun time.”

With a campus performance now to her credit, Aniyah said she hopes she helps pave the way for others wanting to follow.

“I’ve only been doing drag for less than a year now,” Aniyah said. “but if I had any advice to give it would be to always stay true to yourself. Always try something new. Make sure to set your makeup so it doesn’t slide off your face…and just keep moving forward.”

To learn more about the event and to view pictures, visit the MSU LGBT Facebook page at

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