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By: Morgan Stolpa, CSU Public Relations Intern

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, a professor in the Department of Human Performance and Direct the Center for Sport and Performance Psychology, provides mental performance consulting for Minnesota State University, the Minnesota Vikings and several Mankato high schools.

Dr. Kamphoff, who likes to supervise students doing sport psychology, enjoys working at the center. This year they are working with teams at MSU (Maverick football, for example), Mankato West, Mankato East, Hastings High School and Minnesota Valley Lutheran.

When Dr. Kamphoff isn’t teaching or supervising students, she produces a podcast twice a week.

“I have had the privilege of being on TJ and Lisa’s Radio Show on 93.1 each Monday morning at 7:35 a.m. where I share a positive message. These radio spots, plus an interview with an expert on mindset, is available on the podcast each week called The High Performance Mindset. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and iHeartRadio,” Dr. Kamphoff said.

Kamphoff has worked with the Maverick Football team for seven years as their mental performance consultant where she and her graduate students provide a mental training workshop each week. When she started with the team, Adam Thielen was a senior.
What is a mental performance consultant and why is there a need for a mental performance consultant?
As a mental performance consultant, Dr. Kamphoff helps prepare athletes to do their best. There is a need for mental performance consultants because they prepare the mind for numerous scenarios that athletes otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.
“There are 3 areas you can train your performance: 1) Your craft, 2) Your body, and 3) Your mind. We are here to help athletes and performers train their mind. Every decision goes through your mind, so it’s important to keep your mind working for you not against you. We can train our mind to be confident, positive and stay in the present moment more often which leads to peak performance,” said Dr. Kamphoff.
Dr. Kamphoff enjoys being able to help athletes prepare for game days. She has had the privilege of working with several athletes at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.
“It’s one of my favorite things to do! I love it. We help them train their mind so they can be their best on Saturday.When I started with the team, Adam Thielen, was a senior on the team. I now provide mental training for the Minnesota Vikings. In the foreword of my book that came out in last September, Beyond Grit, Adam shared the mental training principles that helped him get to where he is today,” Dr. Kamphoff said.
Looking for a chance to enhance your mental performance? At the Center for Sport and Performance Psychology, Dr. Cindra Kamphoff provides individual sessions, workshops, small group sessions, consulting with groups/teams, podcasts and webinars, cutting-edge research projects and the Sport Psych Team which provides psychological support at sporting events. For more information, head to the Center for Sport and Performance Psychology!

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