Fashion Show Spotlights Multicultural Attire


by ABIGAIL SKAALERUD, CSU Public Relations Intern

Do you ever look at your fashion and wonder what the similarities and differences are between what you’re wearing and what different types of cultures are wearing today?

On Tuesday, Feb. 19th, the Student Events Team will be hosting a Multicultural Fashion Show. Students from different backgrounds and cultures will be modeling cultural attire from their home countries and cultures.

The fashion show will begin at 8 p.m. and will be hosted in the CSU Ballroom. It is free and open to both students and the public. The goal of this event is to help the campus and MNSU as a whole to become more aware of the different cultures around us and how special and unique they each are.

“This event is something that is so unique on our campus. Having a fashion show on an actual runway is something that most college campuses don’t have,” Lucas Arndt, Mavericks After Dark chair, said. Come out for an opportunity to learn about the difference and uniqueness of all different types of cultures!


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