Get Involved with ImVisible

by GABBIE KEERAN, CSU Public Relations Intern


ImVisible, a new Student Events Team endeavor addressing individual importance, launches Feb. 15 and runs through Feb. 20.

The goal of this project is to grow a sense of community in order to make students feel like they belong as a part of the campus community, said Maria Rios, Student Events Team committee chair for educational entertainment. The project gives students and staff on campus a platform to share something about themselves that others may not know.

Students and staff can participate virtually by downloading, printing and filling out a graphic that will be provided through the Student Events Team social media page. Participants will take a photo of themselves and upload it to their personal social media with the hashtag #MavsRVisible.

All participants in the ImVisible project will be entered in to win a gift card.

Watch the Student Events Team website and its social media sites for more information.


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