How to Exercise Your Right to Vote!

by ALEJANDRO REYES VEGA, CSU Public Relations Assistant


People often forget that some of the biggest changes they can be part of rest on the simplest of actions. The right to vote is a privilege that must be exercised. Being properly informed is one of the best ways to feel more certain about making a decision of who to vote for. Therefore, it is important to follow the elections and stay informed of the candidate’s stances on many of the issues that they might have to address while in office, and those that matter to you as a constituent. One of the events that can provide insight in this matter is debates; the first one of which is going to take place on September 29. Moreover, it is also important that you have registered so if you haven’t done so already you should on September 22 which is National Voter Registration Day. However, the pre-registration deadline is not until October 13. If you are unable to register by then, you can still register on Election Day as long as you go to your designated polling location in-person. 

You might be surprised to know that if you have registered you can vote as early as September 18 until November 2 as the last day to cast your vote in advance which is a day before the Elections. Anybody who is eligible to vote and has registered can cast in their vote via mail-in/absentee or at their county courthouse. The pandemic has affected many people’s plans and even their day-to-day routine, but it cannot let it interfere with the privilege that is the right to vote. If you are eligible, make sure you register, stay informed on the stances of the candidates and exercise your right. 

Another great way to be part of the election is to work in it and be part of the process. There is currently a need for election judges in Blue Earth County and there are recruitment efforts in place until early October. This year there is a greater need for participation than ever since the pandemic requires complex logistics to maintain traffic control and social distancing. Anyone 16 or older can participate. The training is being done virtually and there might be requirements that must be filled such as declaring a party affiliation. If you are up for the task and willing to follow strict protocols to ensure your safety and that of others while serving your country make sure to check out:

Make sure you register, vote, and participate if you can!


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