Campus Employment Provides Isabella Pearson Confidence and Experience for the Working World

Each semester since Spring 2015, the Centennial Student Union honors eight students selected for campus student leadership and CSU student staff excellence. Nominated by staff members from Student Affairs, the Kearney International Center, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, selected students are recognized on the BEST Board, a 55-foot display in the CSU Hearth Lounge created for Boasting Exceptional Student Talent.

The nomination of Isabella Pearson for the Fall 2022 BEST Board reflected on her quiet leadership.

“Although fairly reserved, she always shows the conscientiousness you’d want in an employee,” Isabella’s nominated stated. “Because someone is reserved and quiet does not mean they are not a great leader. I’ve seen Isabella grow and blossom as a person and a leader during her time with us. My heart always goes out to the understated…and she definitely fits that bill. This award will not go unnoticed by her co-workers.”

‘If someone invites you to attend their organization meeting, do it! You may end up finding a second home.’

Isabella Pearson

In Isabella’s own words:

How has campus involvement and/or campus employment enhanced YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE?

Getting involved on campus both through employment and other activities has allowed me to make many worthwhile connections. I’ve gotten to meet so many unique people and hear a wide variety of perspectives.

How has campus involvement and/or campus employment enhanced YOUR FUTURE?

My employment on campus has helped me to develop my leadership skills and self-confidence, which I know will aid me as I transition from school to the workforce.

How has campus involvement/campus employment enhanced YOUR LIFE?

I’ve been able to make countless friends and experience amazing events, both of which have contributed to my list of happy memories.

Provide one or more detailed examples where your campus involvement/work experience made you a better leader.

As a CSU Building Manager, I’ve had to learn how to offer guidance to both clients and fellow peers and work with others in a team setting. This has helped me immensely in being both an independent worker and a team player.

What advice would you share with fellow students in helping them make the most of their college experience?

The first step is to ask yourself: what am I interested in? Take a look at the RSOs online and make a list of the ones that sound interesting to you. If someone invites you to attend their organization meeting, do it! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go again, but you may end up finding a second home.

Throughout your college experience at Minnesota State-Mankato, what has provided the greatest personal growth, memories, satisfaction, and/or personal pride.

My employment at CSU has provided me with enormous personal growth by allowing me opportunities to practice social skills in various contexts. I’ve evolved so much and I’m incredibly proud of my progress in lessening my social anxiety.

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