JULIE TONSAGER: Creator of Her Own Destiny


Each semester, the Centennial Student Union recognized eight outstanding students who excel as leaders in the campus community or within the CSU student staff. The BEST Board, the 55-foot display in the CSU Hearth Lounge, is a way of Boasting Exceptional Student Talent. This eight-part series offers a glimpse of each of those student leaders for Spring 2021.

Julie Tonsager is a music industry major from Ellsworth, Wis. She is set to graduate in Spring 2021. In her nomination, Julie was distinguished for her work with the Student Events Team and with the MavHouse Records RSO. “Julie came in as a quiet student leader looking to get into the music industry. She has transitioned into a student who can work with others, make decisions and speak up to her peers on important topics. Julie has taken her leadership within the Student Events Team and Mav House Records very seriously and diligently. She has taken Mav House Records to new levels by signing new artists, making the difficult decision to move on from other artists who are not meeting expectations, and organizing new events to feature their artists. This leadership has transitioned to the Student Events Team.”

Using your own experience, what advice for personal fulfillment and college enrichment would you offer to fellow students?

JULIE: “Advice I would give to fellow students for personal fulfillment and college enrichment would be to join at least one group on campus. Either an RSO, Res Life, or an intramural sport. You won’t regret it.”

We often get asked, “How do I get on the BEST Board?” What do you think helped earn you your BEST Board distinction?

JULIE: “What helped me earn BEST Board was the support from my advisers and peers. Without them, I wouldn’t have been as successful.”

Why did you pick the quote used on the BEST Board? Please provide some background.

JULIE: “I believe we can create ourselves to whomever we want to be. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you were yesterday. If you know who you are today and what your goal is, who’s to stop you? I’m from that small town in the middle of nowhere and decided I wasn’t going to be stuck there. I knew if I wanted to make my dreams and ideas come true, I had to be the one to make that happen. It gives me hope and drive to know I am the deciding factor of where I end up.”

What involvement or leadership experience at Minnesota State Mankato best defines you, your interests, or your proudest moment? 

JULIE: “The leadership experience I’m most proud of is being on the Student Events Team Board. From my first day here at MSU, it was my goal to be a board member of the team. It has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had on campus. I will forever be grateful for my team.”

Where do you hope to take your college education earned at Minnesota State Mankato (what are your career aspirations)?

JULIE: “Where I hope to take my college education is somewhere in the management field of the Music Industry and I’d like to continue event planning as well.”

What words of wisdom would you share in these unusual times?

JULIE: “This is only temporary. Time will pass and so will our current stresses.”


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