KATY ERDMANN: Always Leaving Things Better Than She Found Them

Each semester, the Centennial Student Union recognized eight outstanding students who excel as leaders in the campus community or within the CSU student staff. The BEST Board, the 55-foot display in the CSU Hearth Lounge, is a way of Boasting Exceptional Student Talent. This eight-part series offers a glimpse of each of those student leaders for Spring 2021.


Katy Erdmann is the Campus Rec graduate assistant for intramural sports. She started with Campus Recreation as an undergraduate intramural sports office as well as a supervisor. After graduating she returned and continues as graduate assistant of the program. Katy is responsible for the promotion, recruitment, training hiring and scheduling of over 75 undergraduate student sport officials for 10 team sports along with daily administration of those sports. A native of Dodge Center, Minn., Katy is the third member of her family to work for Campus Rec.

Using your own experience, what advice for personal fulfillment and college enrichment would you offer to fellow students?

KAITLYN: “Step out of your comfort zone! You will meet the greatest people and have the best experiences once you do so.”

We often get asked, “How do I get on the BEST Board?” What do you think helped earn you your BEST Board distinction?

KAITLYN: “The passion I have in my involvement around campus. I try to leave everything better than when I found it and it really paid off. Have passion in whatever you do, and you will get noticed.”

What involvement or leadership experience at Minnesota State Mankato best defines you, your interests, or your proudest moment? 

KAITLYN: “My proudest moment is moving up the totem pole in campus rec. I started out as just a scared freshman reffing, now I am the GA for intramural sports. Coming into college, I never would have guessed, nor did I see, myself excelling in this position.”

Where do you hope to take your college education earned at Minnesota State Mankato (what are your career aspirations)?

KAITLYN: “I hope and plan to stay within Campus Recreation. I strive to be a coordinator for intramural at a university. I love working with college students and recreation programs are always a fun atmosphere.”

What words of wisdom would you share in these unusual times?

KAITLYN: “Go with the flow. Obviously, no one can predict anything so stay flexible and keep adapting. We will get through this whole thing and once we do, you will see how much you’ve grown from this unusual pressure! Be proud of yourself.”


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