Late Night Yummy!

by AFURE ADAH, CSU Public Relations Assistant

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FINALS WEEK is coming up folks! You know what that means, Late. Night. Studying. We’ve all been there and will probably all be doing it these next couple of weeks. Late night study mode, activate!

To help us out, our lovely Jazzman’s Cafe, located in the CSU, is hosting a Late Night Breakfast for us. Aww!

Here is your cordial invitation,

Late Night Breakfast is an event at the end of each semester and it gives us students, who might need a little late night snack or meal, a chance to take a break and refuel for our late night cram sessions.

Food will be provided by Sodexo and the menu usually consists of pancakes, eggs, breakfast potatoes and a couple more staple breakfast items. Yum!

It will be Monday, December 10th from 10-11:30 PM, and you are all invited!

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