League of Women’s Voters Educates Community

by: Morgan Stolpa, CSU Public Relations Intern

The St. Peter League of Women Voters (LWV) is dedicated to continuing to educate themselves and the surrounding areas on complicated issues. The issues range from economics to environment, politics to local government and general concerns to personal concerns.

Although the St. Peter LWV is small, they are dedicated to education and creating change. The LWV takes action through letters to the editor, open forums, presentations to other groups, voter registration and discussions with our legislators.

The St. Peter LWV is open to anyone however, only those who are 16 years or older can be voting members. It serves the following areas:

  • Blue Earth
  • Nicollet
  • Mankato
  • North Mankato
  • St. Peter

In addition to the St. Peter area, there are several local leagues all across Minnesota. To find out if there’s a league in your area visit: https://lwvmn.org/local-leagues/lwv-minnesota-local-lwvs.

Additionally, the LWV offers opportunities for students to get involved in the community. The LWV holds open meetings where students and community members can voice their opinions as well as educate themselves further.

“We do have opportunities for students, staff and faculty. We can not promise paid jobs, unless we (or you) have access to grant funding, but we offer stipends to guest speakers, and we offer low-cost or no-cost student memberships,” said Edi Thorstensson, St. Peter League of Women Voters Treasurer.

Although there are no specific volunteer opportunities listed on their website, the LWV has accepted volunteers in the past and, “This is a direction that we hope to take; with voter education and participation as foremost among our goals, we want to activate and involve people of all ages and interests in non-partisan political engagement.”

For more information on how to get involved, check out www.lwvmn.org or visit the St. Peter Area League of Women Voters Facebook page.

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