Maverick Food Pantry Is There for All Students Offering More Than Just Food

Up to 300 Students Served Each Week

By CHELSEA SCHAFFER, Centennial Student Union Graduate Assistant

I met with Carrlin Meier, the current graduate assistant for the Maverick Food Pantry, to talk about what the pantry offers for students.

Before visiting, I registered on their online ordering website, which took only a couple minutes, before going through the various products that are available to order. I was surprised to find a variety of food options varying from spices, to gluten-free options, to pre-made frozen meals.

Meier shared with me that options vary weekly and the team works to accommodate the best they can and have even driven to the Twin Cities to find select products. The pantry typically serves up to 300 students a week with about half being international students. I was surprised to find the pantry also offers select non-food products including deodorant, toilet paper, and even light bulbs. After picking out the things I wanted, I sent in the order and quickly received a confirmation summarizing what I ordered and the pick-up time.

The pick-up process was a breeze as all you do is walk up to the pantry and give them your last name. You are then handed a reusable bag full of everything you’ve ordered.

As Carrlin showed me around the pantry, we talked about how there is a stigma behind utilizing services like these but he assured me there is no shame in coming in and getting support. Going through the process myself I can agree that it was quick, harmless, and I felt supported throughout the process.

The Maverick Food Pantry is located in 142 Carkoski Commons and is open weekly on Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon. More Questions? Contact them at 507-389-1557 or send them an email at

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