MavPASS: A Successful Peer-Led Pathway Through Historically-Tough Courses

By ANGELA MURPHY, CSU Communications Student Assistant

Sometimes students helping students proves the best path to academic success.

MavPASS, which was launched on the Minnesota State University Mankato campus in Fall 2019, is one of those pathways. Based on supplemental instruction, it was given the name MavPASS as a “peer-facilitated academic support system” for students enrolled in historically difficult courses.

MavPASS Leaders are identified and hired to sit in on courses in which they previously demonstrated proficiency in order to assist students in these difficult courses.

According to Dr. Laura Jacobi, MavPASS faculty liaison, the aim is to increase the students’ grades through attendance. Their research suggests the increment of a full letter grade through attendance.

The first step in choosing the classes. These are courses where at least 25 percent of students earn below-average grades. MavPASS also looks for gateway classes that the students are required in order to advance in their majors. Since most students feel disoriented in a large lecture, MavPASS targets these lectures offering students somewhere to seek support.

MavPASS also tries to close the opportunity gaps where there is significant disparity between domestic students and students of color. MavPASS ensures all the students have equal access to the resources and opportunities to succeed.

Students selected as MavPASS leaders as ones who did well in the course. Dr. Jacobi added, “we hire, select, and train MavPASS leaders specifically for the benefit of our students.”

Regular attendance is a key factor to increase grades, Jacobi said. “The goal is to attend on a regular basis. MavPASS leaders will discuss study techniques. To assist students in developing these study strategies. Students who attend on a regular basis see an increase in their grades. “

The copy of all courses offered through MavPass can be viewed by clicking here.

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