New Features Coming This Fall to Mav Life App

by BLAKE PIESCHKE, CSU Public Relations Intern

New features will be added in the fall to the Mav Life App that will give users the opportunity to create their own private and public channels.

Customizable community channels will be available for students and faculty to use. Just like other channels, there will be a Community Manager, Channel Owner, Channel Moderator and Channel Members.

These channels will provide an opportunity to create or join a specific group to obtain information, rather than using the public channels the app currently has.

IT Solutions Architect Chris Lienemann

For example, a residence hall could make a private group for their floor to keep the interaction only between those who live on that floor, said Chris Lienemann, IT Solutions Architect.

“It’s kind of more like a discord channel that you can set to a private channel or open channel to everyone,” Lienemann said. “This will allow us to separate things and create more purpose driven channels.”

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