New Student Government Officers, Senators Elected for 2021-22

Inauguration Set for April 22, 5 p.m., in CSU Ballroom

Reauna Stiff and Kara Svercl will oversee the 2021-2 Student Government as president and vice president respectively after running unchallenged in this week’s election.

Results posted following the Monday-Tuesday election, showed the ticket of Stiff and Svercl earning 228 votes in the uncontested race.

The new Student Government president and vice president along with newly-elected senators will be inaugurated Thursday, April 22, at the 5 p.m. ceremony in the Centennial Student Union Ballroom. COVID-19 protocol will be required.


Other winners announced by the Student Government Election Commission include:

  • Brian Swancutt, senator for the College of Allied Health & Nursing
  • Zahara Osman and Jack Wheeler, senators for Student Body at Large
  • Siene Haq and Jayden Thieschafer, senators for the College of Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Colin Hanke and Frank Vondra, senators for the College of Arts & Humanities
  • Sean Chimezie, senator for the College of Business
  • Lelti Asgedom, senator for the College of Education
  • Yeabsira Dessie and Ahmed Abasi, senators for Off-campus Residents
  • Audrey Hopwood, Joseph Novak and Patrick Flynn, senators for Residential Life
  • Brian Swancutt, Newspaper Board member
  • Emma Gabbert and Zahara Osman, Centennial Student Union Board members
  • Yeabsira Dessie and Kaylee Jensen, Athletic Fee Advisory Board members
  • Patrick Flynn and Lelti Asgedom, Student Health Services Advisory Board members


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