New University Website Addresses COVID-19

Info on Coronavirus at


A new University web page now shares the latest information on how the coronavirus known as COVID-19 may impact students, faculty and staff.

The page can also be accessed at the bottom of the University’s home page.

The site includes answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), such as changes to university-sponsored travel plans and what students should do if they aren’t feeling well regarding classes and getting medical care. 

It also provides information about important preventative personal hygiene measures that can be taken and shares links to the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC websites.  

The university administration will work with all impacted faculty, staff and students with the intention of covering, when possible, any non-refunded expenditures individuals have incurred related to canceled, university-sanctioned international travel.

If you have specific questions related to COVID-19, please contact the following offices:

  • For questions about signs, symptoms or treatment of COVID-19, contact Student Health Services at or (507) 389-6276.
  • For questions about university travel or academic impact, contact the Provost’s Office at or (507) 389-1335.

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