Parents’ Corner: Ideal Contact

Keeping the Right Amount of Contact

By ALEJANDRO REYES-VEGA, CSU Public Relations Student Assistant

How can you know if students want to be texted or called every day or maybe just once a week? Everyone is different as one must learn to balance between being overbearing or too distant.

When I started in college my mom would text me every day and at first, I thought it was too much. However, I soon got used to it and learned to appreciate her morning jokes and advice. Sometimes, she wanted to call me and I simply said “no” or “I’m too busy”. She also soon learned that I needed space or I didn’t have time to talk. As parents one must respect students because they need to focus on school, socialize, and learn to be independent and discover themselves.

Don’t be afraid to be straightforward. Ask how often they would like to be called or texted and try to respect their wishes. If you are not able to be together for the holidays then try to send something that reminds them of home so they don’t feel abandoned.

Yet, there are small details that always made my day as a freshman. The phone calls and the texts can sometimes be overbearing specially with dealing with the stress of college and being away from home.

Nevertheless, parents can always send a small care-package with snacks or something that a student in college would appreciate. Does not matter if students can find the snacks they want in any nearby store or if the package is home baked goods, if it comes from home they will treasure the package and they will know that they are being cared for.

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